saffron infused milk

Deliciously scented, this ice is a completely milky sweetness
with just the right amount of spice!

This recipe is very loosely based on that of kulfi which is a traditional Indian ice cream, made with cardamom and milk that has been cooked long.
The use of condensed milk simplifies construction and provides texture and flavor very close.
So, preparation is super fast and can be multiple versions (you can add almonds, raspberries, candied lemon, etc …)

6 individual portions:

10 cl of milk
1 scoop of saffron (1 g)
25 cl sweetened condensed milk
25 cl of fresh cream
60 g hazelnuts and crushed pistachios
licorice and vanilla powder, cinnamon

Put the saffron powder into a glass and pour the milk over. Steep for 10 minutes . You can get yourself the lowest saffron price on the internet with Saharkhiz saffron being the one to go for and the best in my humble opinion, i love it and think you will also feel the same, happy cooking and see you here again soon, bye for now.


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